How Financial Services Companies Leverage AI to Streamline Marketing Compliance and Maintain a Competitive Edge

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Discover the strategies used by finserv martech teams to streamline marketing compliance and maintain a competitive edge. Check out this resourceful eBook for:

7 Trends in Financial Services
Pitfalls and Pathways to Hyper-Personalization
Best Practices for Achieving Regulatory Best Interests
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
Case Study in Streamlining Marketing Compliance

You’ll learn from top industry leaders – a system integration partner, senior bank executive and AI platform founder. You’ll have a seat at the table as they share marketing trends, technology and testimonials on the proven impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having on disclosures, marketing compliance, and resource maximization.

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Expert Panel:


Rab Govil

CEO, Naehas


Jenn Warren

SVP, Partner Services and Delivery, MetaBank


Arindam Choudhury

Vice President - Banking & Capital Markets Head - Global Insights & Data, Capgemini Financial Services