Modern marketing leaders act as vital strategic partners to asset management organizations, overseeing a wide array of duties that include driving technological innovation and revenue growth. They also play an integral role in building credibility and safeguarding against risk, by fostering trust and transparency in an organization’s communications. 

A critical aspect of the marketing function today involves strict adherence to compliance, ensuring all marketing and communication activities are in line with the pertinent legal and regulatory requirements specific to the asset management sector. Compliance agility is crucial in the realm of disclosure management, especially with evolving SEC and FINRA regulations. Automation becomes essential to adapt swiftly to future rule changes. 

Asset management marketing teams can benefit from a single source SaaS solution that centralizes the management of disclosure content and uses APIs to integrate with existing software. The solution should also cover multichannel distribution and multilingual content. Such centralization optimizes operations and workflows, minimizing redundant interactions among teams.

Download this white paper to learn more about important capabilities to consider when assessing an effective disclosure management system, including two example use cases.

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